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Grayflayer Village is a village run by the Grayflayers within the Swamp and home to their leader Big Gray. It can be discovered by trudging through the swamp or by acquiring and reading the Map of the Swamps.


  • Residential buildings x4, 2 for sale (c.4000), 1 for sale(c.16,000),
  • Residential Small building
  • Hideout building
  • Makeshift gate
  • Hemp farms x2
  • Riceweed farms x3
  • Hashish dealer x1

Town Overrides[]

If Big Gray is killed or kidnapped then the village is taken over by the Swampers.

If both Big Gray and Big Grim killed/imprisoned while Tora the Fearless is alive and free, then the Grayflayer Village is taken over by the Band of Bones. It may then become their new headquarters.