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Goat Herder's Camps are randomly spawning camps. They can spawn in the Border Zone, Darkfinger, Dreg, Hidden Forest, Northern Coast, Shem, and Sinkuun.

This location spawns Camp Beds which the player can use for free.


These are the standard squads which have a chance to spawn at this camp. More information about these squads can be found in FCS.

Goat Herder[]

This squad can contain from 4 to 16 Goats. One or two of these will be spawned at 10% their adult age, the rest will be spawned at 100% of their adult age. This squad is lead by a Goat Herder.

Goat Herder Camp[]

This squad contains a Goat Herder and 4 to 10 Goats which spawn at 50% of their adult age.

Item Spawns[]

This location spawns Dung.