Game Start

Known simply as "Game Starts", players begin the game by selecting one of the 13 Beginnings which change how the player starts their game. Each start can drastically change the equipment, skills, currency, and amount of party members that the player starts out with making the game easier / harder depending on the player's chosen start.

Full details on the characters, including both their stats and their equipment can be found on their page, accessed by clicking their name.

All BeginningsEdit

Wanderer Edit

The Wandering Trader Edit

The Holy Sword Edit

The Cannibal Hunters Edit

  • Starts with 2 characters in a random cannibal village in the Cannibal Plains with 9 Cats. Both characters will have random basic gear for all slots and no backpacks. The first character will start with 5 in combat stats and a First Aid Kit while the second will have 2 in combat stats and 20 in stealth stats and a First Aid Kit/Splint. The group will start surrounded by a large group of Cannibals with more joining in from nearby buildings.
  • (Playstyle: Action RPG) (Difficulty: Dodgy)

The Hive Exile Edit

  • Starts out with a single character that is always a Hive in the Dreg with 0 Cats. The player always starts out with an empty inventory, no equipment, 1 in all Attributes, 1 in all Skills, and have no cities marked on the map.
  • (Playstyle: RPG) (Difficulty: Hard)

Son of a Captain Edit

The Slaves Edit

  • Starts in the Rebirth with 2 characters as slaves of the Holy Nation. Due to the Holy Nation's hatred of Skeletons, they are the only race not available for this start. The characters will have 1 in all Stats, Dyed Trousers/Dyed Robes and 0 Cats.
  • Game Story: You are just another slave, working in the Holy Rebirth pits to build a pointless statue. You dream of the rumored free lands to the south, and hear tales of rebels to the north.

HINT: Get into a cage straight away to avoid a beating

  • (Playstyle: RPG) (Difficulty: Hard)

Rock Bottom Edit

  • Starts out in The Great Desert east of Sho-Battai with a missing left arm. No Cats, food, weapons or clothing, 1 in all Stats, and already Malnourished. This is one of the harder Game Starts.
  • Game Story: You've hit absolute rock bottom. You are alone, unarmed, naked and hungry, lost in the middle of a harsh desert teeming with slavers, and you just lost an arm.  Good luck.
  • (Playstyle: RPG) (Difficulty: Very Hard)

Empire Citizen Edit

  • A simple citizen of the United Cities, you lost your job and your house at the whim of a noble lord. Faced with poverty and starvation, which is a crime in this place, you decide to head out of town and find some form of self-employment before you starve to death.
  • Money: 750 Cats
  • Spawn: Sho-Battai
  • (Playstyle: RPG) (Difficulty: Default)

Holy Nation Citizen Edit

  • A simple citizen of the Holy Nation, you live in relative safety as long as you show obeisance to Okran and his priests. The world outside is said to be barbaric and violent and full of monstrosities, but you decide to venture out and decide for yourself.
  • Money: 200 Cats
  • Spawn: Bad Teeth or Stack
  • Faction Relations: The Holy Nation +15
  • (Playstyle: RPG) (Difficulty: Default)

Guy with a Dog Edit

  • Starts in Bast with 13 Cats, 1 in all Stats, a Basic First Aid Kit, and an Unknown quality Iron Club. Is also accompanied by a baby Mountain Dog. The dog has a 45-55 in all combat Stats, however due to the penalties from being a baby it's Stats often end up in the negative at the beginning. Over time the dog will Age and the penalty will lessen, and eventually become a bonus.
  • (Playstyle: RPG) (Difficulty: Normal)

The Freedom SeekersEdit

Nobodies Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Guy With a Dog start seems to be a reference to the Fallout series - The Lone Wanderer from Vault 101 and his loyal pet Dogmeat. It could also be a reference to "A boy and his dog" a 1975 postapocaliptic indie movie.
  • The Beginning "Son of a Captain" used to be called "The Retired Captain".