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Fort Simion is a location in Sinkuun controlled by the faction Rebel Farmers. Rebel Farmers leader, Boss Simion, can be found in the Faction HQ.



  • Faction HQ (Swamp Dome)
  • Barracks (Swamp Dome)
  • Hideout (Swamp Shack) x3

Town Overrides[]

Fort Simion descends into ruins if Emperor Tengu is killed or imprisoned.

Fort Simion turns into Fort Yabuta if Yabuta of the Sands is freed from Tengu's Vault and the player is not an ally of the Rebel Farmers.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • When raiding, doing so at night is often better, as many rebels are inside the barracks sleeping and will not be aggroed outside of the buildings (except for the swamp huts).
  • Make sure that you have a decent number of men and weaponry before attacking, as what the rebels lack in skill and gear they make up with numbers.
  • Bring enough first aids kits for both your men, and any prisoners you chose to capture, as Boss Simion has a 20k bounty, and each of his captains are worth around 3k.


There used to be a town called Fort Simion in the Alpha version of the game. It was on par with the other majour towns and it used to be controlled by the Holy Empire.