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The Flotsam Village is the base of the Flotsam Ninjas and home of Moll, their leader. It is located in the Hidden Forest, to the North of Rebirth and west of World's End.

This town contains many residences. Most of the population is composed of refugees and deserters from the Holy Nation. Flotsam Ninjas guard this village and, as implied, they are hostile to The Holy Nation. However, most of the townsfolk still believe in and even worship Okran, made clear by how they react to seeing skeleton characters.

Many recruits can be found in this village including Digna, Knife, Pia, Reva and the generic randomly named Flotsam Recruit.

Flotsam VIllage Front View.jpg

Buildings and Shops

Unique Buildings

  • Swamp Dome (Flotsam Ninjas HQ)

Town override

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If Moll is dead or imprisoned Flotsam Village will be overrun by Cannibals.