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Hah! The cult of Narko? I guess you've been reading too much Holy Nation bullcrap, huh? There are hundreds of possible interpretations of a single religion, the Holy Nation's is just one of many, they only see black and white...

Some of us are just unfortunate enough to be born evil in their eyes, some of us take that status a step further by fighting those ignorant labels. I could go off on a rant about religion, but I won't bore you...


The Flotsam Ninjas are a Faction mostly made up of women who escaped the oppression of The Holy Nation, though they do have some former slaves from Rebirth in their ranks as well. They have taken refuge in Flotsam Village under Moll's protection. Here they will for the first time be able to wield a sword, learn to read, and freely express their opinions. Many Flotsam Ninjas still worship Okran. However, they follow a different version of the religion, with sexist aspects excluded.

They live in a hidden village near the Cannibal Plains, as the painted tribes provide a good deterrent from their oppressors.

If the player comes across their territory, they will start interrogating the player about their reasons for being there. Women and non-humans can usually get through fairly easily, while male humans will have to go through a bit of extra trouble.

Members of this faction can colour armour and clothing due to a colour scheme attached.


Unique Characters

These characters will only spawn once and may be tied to a World State.


Special Events:


Generic Characters



Randomly Named:



Faction Relations

The factions this faction has special relations towards. For all others, it will use this faction's default (0).

Player Relations

The reasons for this faction to have a non-zero relation towards you.

  • The Player has an option when talking to Moll to either side with the Flotsam Ninjas or the Holy Nation. Choosing one will negatively affect your relations with the other. (+/-75)
  • If the player turns in Moll to earn her 50,000 c. bounty, their relations with the Flotsam Ninjas will be severely damaged.


Flotsam Ninja patrols can spawn in Hidden Forest and Northern Coast.

These towns, outposts, and other locations are controlled by this faction.
Mapico-stormhouse.png Flotsam Village
Mapico-x.png Flotsam Safehouse
Mapico-x.png Scout Post

World States
If certain World States are achieved, this faction can be found patrolling Okran's Gulf and Okran's Valley.
Town Overrides

Depending on World States, these locations can be controlled by this faction.

Mapico-town.png Blister Hill
Mapico-mine.png Rebirth