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This place is a relic of the old world

Wonders of technology were produced here, in staggering quantities

Machines building more machines to build more machines with

In the end, they couldn't keep up with its hunger

Skeleton Player Characters

Located between Cannibal Plains and Okran's Gulf. As the name implies, the Floodlands is a flooded swamp with a never ending downpour making this a gloomy area to travel. The region is also known for the ancient structures that remain suggesting the area was industrialized and might explain why the environment is now dead. The only thing roaming these lands are Iron Spiders and Security Spiders.


There are no Major Towns or Minor Outposts in this zone. There are no Nests or Camps which spawn in the Floodlands.

Minor Outposts[]

These locations are typically small towns, villages, or faction bases.

Ancient Locations[]

These are places which do not have competent inhabitants. Ancient Locations are usually lost outposts or ruins. Beware: sometimes these locations contain territorial protectors such as Security Spiders.

Aesthetic Ruins[]

These locations show up on the map, although the player cannot interact with anything at this location.

Homeless Spawns[]

These are squads which spawn without being tied to a location, camp, or nest. This list is in order of likelihood.


Floodlands bears the scars visible from the vast amount of dead area due to exploitation, it has traditionally been chartered to one megacorporation to another to feed the industrial maw of the Old Empire, which always hungers yet is never satisfied. The water that rains here also gets transported to Okran's Pride via Wend and then to Border Zone and ultimately leaving the water to The Swamps. But seems to have majority of the flow blockaded by a junk reef.


These are the modifiers which are linked to this zone on FCS.
Water 0% Fertility Unknown

Environment Resources
Arid 0% Stone Unknown
Green 0% Iron 100
Swamp 0% Copper Unknown

Before building an outpost, players should find information about specific areas through Prospecting.


This zone has the 'floodland' season. Seasons may cause harmful Weather Effects or be purely aesthetic.

  • Misty rain