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Flats Lagoon is a Major Town controlled by the Tech Hunters and therefore has been added to the Tech Hunters Map.


The town's bartender can be asked about the Ashlands, though most of the information relayed more specifically relates to adjacent areas which players must travel through to reach the Ashlands.

As with all Tech Hunters locations, there are no World States which can affect Flats Lagoon.

The United Cities pacifier can be found here. Chad, the unique recruit, will spawn at the local bar.

This location can spawn any of the following characters: Recruit, Adventurer Recruit, Fighter Recruit, Amateur Recruit, Bard, Ex-Slave Recruit, Outlaw Recruit, Tenacious Recruit, Recruit Seeking Revenge, Silvershade, Outlaw Medic, Engineer Recruit, Wall Man, Medic Recruit, Flotsam Ninja, Ninja, Sand Ninja, Dust Bandit, and Hungry Bandit.

Flats Lagoon probably has the largest selection of backpacks available in Kenshi,

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