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Fishman Island... There's supposed to be a famous sword here...

–Player Characters (including Crumblejon and Doctor Chung)

Fishman Island is a small zone south of the Bonefields.

Despite being an island, players do not have to worry about needing the Swimming stat to enter this zone. The lightened area on the map to the north of the island is the location of a bridge, identical to the one found connecting Black Desert City with Scraphouse and the bridge found crossing the Wend river north of Blister Hill.


There are no Minor Outposts in Fishman Island. This zone does not spawn any Camps.

Major Towns[]

Ancient Locations[]

These are places which do not have competent inhabitants. Ancient Locations are usually lost outposts or ruins. Beware: sometimes these locations contain territorial protectors such as Security Spiders.


Nests are temporary locations which can spawn randomly and typically belong to Animals.

Homeless Spawn[]

These are squads which spawn without being tied to a location, camp, or nest. This list is in order of likelihood.


Fishman Island
These are the modifiers which are linked to this zone on FCS.
Water 120% Fertility 120%

Environment Resources
Arid 0% Stone 100%
Green 100% Iron 100%
Swamp 50% Copper 100%

Before building an outpost, players should find information about specific areas through Prospecting.


This zone has the 'mad rain with rare acid' season. Seasons may cause harmful Weather Effects or be purely aesthetic.

  • Heavy Rain
  • Light rain
  • Light rain acid
  • Misty rain



  • Fishman isle has the highest crop yield for hemp due to its environment which has 100 Green and 50 Swamp. However, you cannot harvest more than 1 crop for each plant in a farm so it is a bit overkill. Any zone with 100% yield will do fine as well for hemp.