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There are two locations called Fishing Village in Kenshi.

There is one Fishing Village North of World's End in Northern Coast which is a quaint town with piers and shacks by the sea side. The town is owned by the Deadcat faction. Small herds of goats can usually be found nearby. Residents complain of nearby Cannibals. Tech Hunters and Flotsam Ninjas can often be found in the nearby area. The town contains a bar as well as a general item trader shop and a fish salesmen.

The other Fishing Village is walled village in The Outlands East of Black Scratch. It is also owned by the Deadcat faction. This town is threatened by Grass Pirates and Reavers. The only service this town contains is a bar.

Green Finger, Hobbs, Horse and Soman could be recruited in a the fishing village.


Unique Recruits

Town overrides

Both towns will be taken over by Slave Traders if Tinfist is killed (Fishing Village, Slave Traders).


  • There appears to be an override bug with the The Outlands Fishing Village, as technically it is supposed to belong to the United Cities faction according to it's FCS data. The mod, Fixed Fishing Village, resolves this issue.


Fishing shacks with piers outside of the Fishing Village in Northern Coast.