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Fauna are organic animals found within Kenshi. Fauna can be found roaming in packs or alone. They can also be found in Nests or living in abandoned ruins. Nests often contain eggs and will send squads of their respective animals to attack the player's outpost if they are within range.

There are many types of fauna which can be purchased and kept as an Animal Player Character. More information on this can be found on Guide to Animals.


Name Image Drops Spawn Areas
Beak Thing
Beak Thing
6x Animal Skin, 5x Raw Meat, 12x Foul Raw Meat Vain, Cannibal Plains, Leviathan Coast, Gut, Venge, Shem
6x Animal Skin, 3x Foul Raw Meat, 2x Raw Meat, 4x Animal Teeth Flats Lagoon, Stobe's Gamble, Stobe's Garden, The Crags, The Pits
1x Animal Skin, 4x Animal Teeth, 3x Raw Meat Bast, Border Zone, Darkfinger, Hidden Forest, Northern Coast, Okran's Valley, Okran's Pride, Skinner's Roam, Spider Plains, Stenn Desert, Stormgap Coast, The Eye, The Hook, Vain
1x Leviathan Pearl Leviathan Coast
River Raptor
Raptor Eating
1x Animal Skin, 4x Foul Raw Meat Okran's Pride, Wend, Leviathan Coast
Attacking Gorillo
6x Animal Skin Vain, Shun
Swamp Raptor 1x Animal Skin, 6x Foul Raw Meat Raptor Island, The Swamp, South Wetlands
Blood Spider
2x Animal Teeth Spider Plains, The Swamp, Shem, Venge, Arach, South Wetlands
Skin Spider
Skin Spider
2x Animal Claw Spider Plains, Arach, Shun
Gaint Crab
1x Foul Raw Meat, 6x Raw Meat Howler Maze
6x Animal Claw, 8x Foul Raw Meat, 1x Raw Meat Bast, The Great Desert, Heng, Skimsands, Grey Desert, Sinkuun, The Eye
Black Gorillo
8x Animal Skin Greyshelf, Sniper Valley, Sonorous Dark, Stobe's Gamble, Stobe's Garden, The Crags

Passive Edit

Name Image Drops Spawn Area
Garru 10x Raw Meat 3x Animal Skin
Goat 2x Animal Skin 7x Raw Meat
Wild Bull 4x Animal Skin 10x Raw Meat

2x Animal Horn

Berserker Country
Leviathan 1x Leviathan Pearl Leviathan Coast
Swamp Turtle 14x Raw Meat The Swamp, South Wetlands

Domesticated Edit

Name Image Drops Spawn Area
Wild Bull
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