Stats Affected: Description:
Knowledge of farming crops. This not only affects the speed that you can gather your crops, it also affects the yield when harvesting. In other words, unskilled farmers will mess up some of your crops.
-Harvesting speed
-Harvesting yield
Ways to Train:
-Work hard

Farming is the ability to obtain output from farm buildings. It affects the success rate (further multiplied by the specific enviroment score of the crop) of harvesting crops and the amount of time it takes to harvest them. The ability can be trained by harvesting crops and by using the Grain Silo.

Racial Experience Multipliers
Negative Multiplier:
-Cannibal (Race)
-Cannibal Skav
-Deadhive Soldier
-Hive Soldier Drone
-Southern Hive Soldier Drone
Positive Multiplier:
-Deadhive Prince
-Deadhive Worker
-Hive Worker Drone
-Southern Hive Worker Drone
All multipliers are either 0.8x or 1.2x unless marked otherwise.

Recruits Edit

Slave Recruits can be expected to have high farming levels. The Unique Recruits who are known to have high farming levels are Green Finger and Miu.

Environment Edit

There are three different environments in Kenshi. Some crops only grow well in specific environments. Players can find out the environment their surrounding area through Prospecting. Environments are based on Zone boundaries.

Cactus Cotton Greenfruit


Riceweed Wheatstraw
Arid 100% 0% 0% 40% 0% 50%
Green 0% 100% 100% 100% 0% 100%
Swamp 0% 0% 0% 100% 100% 0%

Crop growth rates are also dependent on the fertility of the surrounding area. Information on fertility can also be found through prospecting.

Players can avoid being affected by environments and fertility by researching and constructing hydroponics.

Buildings and Technologies Edit

Standard Farms Edit

Farm Technology Cost to Learn
Cactus Farm Cactus Farming 2 Cactus, 2 Books
Cotton Farm Cotton Farming 2 Cotton, 2 Books
Riceweed Farm Riceweed Farming 2 Riceweed, 2 Books
Wheat Farm Wheatstraw Farming 2 Wheatstraw, 2 Books
Hemp Farm Hemp Farming 2 Hemp, 2 Books
Vegetable Farm Given from Start 2 Greenfruit, 2 Books

Hydroponics Edit

After researching Hydroponics, which requires Research Bench V (5) and an AI Core, characters can research ways to grow specific crops indoors. Hydroponics allows factions to settle anywhere without concern for the area's Environment.

Farm Technology Cost to Learn
Hydroponic Hemp Hydroponic Hemp 4 Ancient Science Books
Hydroponic Riceweed Hydroponic Riceweed 4 Ancient Science Books
Hydroponic Vegetables Hydroponic Vegetables 4 Ancient Science Books
Hydroponic Wheatstraw Hydroponic Wheatstraw 2 Ancient Science Books

Farm Outputs Edit

After researching the standard farms, characters can build four (4) different sized farms. Farms can be upgraded or downgraded. Hydroponic farms can only be built in one (1) size.

Farm Type Crops Available for Farming Plants Needed to Build

Number of Crops

Input Output
Small Cactus, Cotton, Greenfruit, Hemp, Riceweed, Wheatstraw 10 of Crop Variable Water
Medium Cactus, Cotton, Greenfruit, Hemp, Riceweed, Wheatstraw 25 of Crop (Cactus & Hemp 20, Rice 30) Variable Water
Large Cactus, Cotton, Greenfruit, Hemp, Riceweed, Wheatstraw 40 of Crop (Cactus & Hemp 30, Rice 50) Variable Water
Extra Large Cactus, Cotton, Wheatstraw 60 of Crop (Cactus 40) Variable Water
Hydroponic Greenfruit, Hemp, Riceweed, Wheatstraw 10 of Crop,

4 Iron Plates,

2 Electrical Components

10 Water,

10 Power

  • Cactus farms give 16, (M?), 42, 64 crops
  • Cotton farms give 30, 56, 90, 121 crops
  • Greenfruit farms give 20, 30, 49 crops
  • Hemp farms give 25, 36, 64 crops
  • Riceweed farms give 25, 49, 81 crops
  • Wheatstraw farms give 25, 49, 72, 100 crops

Dangers Edit

In certain biomes and regions, River Raptors or Swamp Raptors may attempt to eat your crops. This causes your characters to attack them which in turn either leads to free skin and meat or dead farmers.

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