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The content discussed on this page has either been removed from the game or has never been implemented. This content may still be accessible through previous versions of the game or through the Forgotten Construction Set.


This is a page for factions in older versions of the game. Some factions have been removed over time where as some have been updated or renamed. This list may be inaccurate or incomplete. The individual pages for each faction may reflect information about said faction in the Alpha build of the game.

Some factions listed in Old World never existed outside of the listed name.


  • Nameless (Player)
  • The Holy Empire (Neutral / Hostile)
  • Slavers (Neutral)
  • Sand Ninjas (Hostile)
  • Temple of Truth (Neutral)
  • Imperial Lords (Neutral / Hostile)
  • Traders Guild (Neutral)
  • United Cities (Neutral)
  • Mercenary Police (Neutral)
  • Fisher (Neutral)
  • Mercenary Guild (Neutral)
  • Free Traders (Neutral)
  • Thieves Guild (Neutral)
  • Adventurers Guild (Neutral)
  • Anti-Terrorist Force (Neutral)
  • Medics Guild (Neutral)
  • White Eyebrow (Neutral)
  • Cannibals (Hostile)
  • Dead Cat (Neutral)
  • Dust Bandits (Hostile)
  • Starving Bandits (Hostile)
  • Spys Guild (Neutral)
  • Ninjas (Neutral)
  • Stone Tribe (Neutral)
  • Nomads (Neutral)
  • Salt Tribe (Neutral)
  • Hunters Guild (Neutral)
  • UCIP (Neutral)
  • Witchhunter (Neutral)
  • Black Dragon Clan (Neutral)