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If you set up base too near to other outposts, cannibal villages or bandit camps, be prepared for the consequences.

Events can be found on the right side of the Factions window. Events includes scheduled visits to a player's outpost by another faction as well as time left in Bodyguard Jobs. Only information regarding one bodyguard job will be presented at a time, although the player can have multiple bodyguards hired at once.

Since animals give no notice of their plans to visit a player outpost, raids by Blood Spiders and raptors will not appear in this menu.


Bodyguards are characters that are set to guard members of your faction or your outpost for a limited amount of time. They can either be hired or will join you as allies out of their own free will. Once you have acquired a bodyguard, an Event will be shown under the Faction tab stating the number of hours before they leave. Some bodyguards, depending on personality, may stay longer if all members of the player's squad is KOed upon expiry of contract. For a full list of characters capable of being bodyguards, see Bodyguards.


Mercenaries are bodyguards that are usually hired at bars using cats. They usually give a choice between bodyguarding the player or their nearest outpost.

  • Mercenary Guild - after talking to a Mercenary Captain or a Human Mercenary squad leader. The Human Mercenary variant is only found in The Holy Nation. They cost 1000 cats per day up to two days to guard the player, and 2000 cats every two days up to eight days to guard the player's outpost.
  • Tech Hunters - after talking to a Drifter squad leader of this faction that are found in bars. They cost the same as normal mercenaries.
  • Cannibal Hunters - after talking to a Cannibal Hunter squad leader. They cost 3000 cats per day to guard the player, and 3000 cats every two days up to eight days to guard the player's outpost.
  • Black Dogs - after talking to a Black Dog Bodyguard trying to extort the player. They cost 2500 cats per day to guard the player, and upon completion of the contract will demand an exit fee of 700 cats, or can be re-hired. Note that refusing to pay the exit fee or not hiring them in the first place will cause them to attack. They also have a unique bodyguard event where they show up at a player's outpost to extort protection. This will cost 4000 cats for two days, but can be lowered down to 3500 or 3000 cats.


If a player has allied with these factions, some of their patrols can be asked to follow the player or may randomly follow the player on their own.

  • Anti-Slavers - if Big Bo is in the squad, she will sometimes hail Anti-Slaver squads for three days(interestingly may include Tinfist's squad //confirm). Alternatively, if the player has taken down any high-ranking UC leader or noble groups, random Anti-Slaver squads will also bodyguard the player for three days.
  • Crab Raiders - random protection from Crab Raider patrols. They will guard the crabbed for 6 hours.
  • Flotsam Ninjas - after showing Note From Moll to Flotsam Ninja squad leaders consisting of more than 4 individuals in a patrol.
  • Rebel Farmers - after speaking to a patrolling Rebel Farmer squad leader. If the option implying importance they will bodyguard the player for three days, else they may refuse or only bodyguard the player for one day.
  • Rebel Swordsmen - after speaking to a Rebel Captain squad leader that is not guarding a town. They will bodyguard the player for one day.
  • Shek Kingdom - after speaking to a Hundred Guardian squad leader that is not guarding a town. They will bodyguard the player for 3 days or defend the player's outpost for two days.
  • Starving Bandits - after giving food to the leader of patrol (don't expect them to last long.)
  • The Holy Nation - showing the Holy Seal to a Paladin patrol leader. They will bodyguard the player for 36 hours.
  • United Cities - random protection from patrols, usually led by a Samurai Sergeant (Samurai Rogues can technically bodyguard the player, if they are somehow allied to UC while the conditions for Rogues to spawn are met) . They will bodyguard the player for three days.


Unique bodyguard events.

  • Tech Hunter Ruins - if the player finds a lone tech hunter near ancient ruins, they may be able to talk to them. Accepting their company will cause them to bodyguard the player for 24 hours.
  • Error_Code_0xFFFFFF - after being seen by them.

Types of Outpost Visits/Assaults: Major Factions[]

Major factions visit the player's outpost for two reasons. The first reason for a visit is when a major faction establishes that another settlement has sprung up in previously barren land and that it has to be included in their sphere of influence. Each major faction will send representatives of their government to demand a token of loyalty of a new settlement to their authority. Should this gesture of obedience be refused, the major powers will then visit player's outpost for a second reason - to destroy and pillage the upstart criminal. These assaults can only be stopped by destroying the key figures of the major power that sends them. Destroying key figures will bring about their own special "visit" events in retaliation.

This map shows the extent where major events will occur, as well as existing locations and zones of Kenshi.

The Holy Nation[]

Shek Kingdom[]

United Cities[]

Types of Outpost Visits/Assaults: Minor Factions[]

Minor factions will visit the player's outpost for either raiding of trading. They can also sent retaliatory visits after the player affects a world state.

(No Specific Areas/Too Vast to categorize)[]


  • Jonin Assault - Anti-Slaver retaliation visit for killing or imprisoning Tinfist.

{Traders Guild}[]

{Western Hive}

  • Farm Trader - Trading visit


  • Beast Trader - Trading visit

{Flotsam Ninjas}[]

  • Flotsam Reinforcement (to be edited) - Ally reinforcement


  • Anti-Slavers Reinforcement (to be edited) -Ally reinforcement
  • Jonin Assault - Retaliation visit


{Southern Hive}

  • Queen death (to be edited) - Base Assault

(Northern Area)[]


  • Mighty Canhead Raid (to be edited) - Base Assault
  • Cannibal Raid (to be edited) - Base Assault
  • Scrawny Cannibal Raid (to be edited) - Base Assault

(Northwest Desert Area)[]

{Traders Guild}[]

  • Station Tax fee (to be edited) - Tax event

{Slave Traders}

  • Slaver Raid - Base Assault

{Sand Ninjas}

  • Sand Ninja Raid - Base Assault

{United Heroes League}

  • Base Assault (to be edited) - Base Assault

(Border Zone Area)[]

{Dust Bandits}

  • Bandit Demands - Base Assault

{Black Dragon Ninjas}

  • Bandit Raids - Base Assault

(Stenn Desert Area)[]

{Kral's Chosen}

  • Kral Assault - Base Assault

(Swamp Gangs)[]


  • Grim's Cut - Tax event

{Stone Rats}

  • Protection Racket - Tax Event

{Swamp Ninjas)

  • Swamp Ninja Raid - Base Assault

{Red Sabres}

  • Red Sabre Raid - Base Assault

(Pit Gangs)[]


  • Blooded Raid - Base Assault

{Skin Bandits}

  • Skin Harvest - Base Assault

{Crab Raiders}