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Equipment Shops are stores which trade exclusive equipment types, like Armour, Clothing, Footwear or Weapons. Such traders can be found in most towns. Specific stock varies by location or faction.

Players should be aware that these locations may not be the only vendors selling their specific type. Through the Artifacts system, vendors can spawn items randomly even if they are not a part of their set vendor lists.

Armour Shops[]

These shops sell armour of all types, although usually Body Armour and Legwear.

Clothing Shops[]

Clothing shops sell equipment which is typically Clothing or low grade Light Armour.

Headgear Shops[]

These shops primarily sell Headgear.

Footwear Shops[]

These shops primarily sell Footwear and travel supplies.

Weapon Shops[]


Weapons Shops are merchants who trade exclusively in arms. Weapons Traders can be found in most towns. Stock may vary by faction or location. Shops which have a gear artifact value can also spawn weapons randomly through the Artifacts system. Another shop which sells weapons is the Black Market Bar.

Specific Weapon Shops[]

Ranger Shops[]

Ranger Shops are vendors which primarily sell crossbows and crossbow bolts.

Other Equipment[]

Shops which sell backpacks:

Shops which sell Robot Limbs:

Shops which sell lanterns: