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Please forgive me, good sir! ... um.. and your armour looks so gorgeous on you.

–removed dialogue with Traders Guild gate captain

Equipment is a set of items equipped to your character. It includes Armour, Clothing, Weapons, Backpacks, and Lanterns.

The effect equipment has on Combat, Athletics and Stealth is determined by which class of Armour it is, or how large and bulky a Backpack is.



Armour is clothing which provides armour protection in battle. Heavier armour provides more protection, however it also detracts from other Statistics, such as run speed and stealth. Armour can be purchased from stores, stolen, or found in ancient locations such as Lost Armouries and Ancient Labs. After some researching, armour can be created at a Leather Armour Crafting Bench, Chain Armour Crafting Bench, or Heavy Armour Smithy. The quality of Homemade armour is exclusively dependent on the character's Armour Smith level.


Clothing, items which are primarily made of cloth, provide almost no armour protection. However, they can be helpful for protection from Weather Effects. Some clothing items may boost a character's Martial Arts stat or provide protection for their fists. After researching the technology, clothing can be created with the Clothing Bench.


Weapons Graphic.png

Weapons are the most essential item for your character to have equipped. Every weapon class also has a skill which is only leveled up while fighting with that class of weapon. When characters are engaged in fights without a weapon, they must rely on their Martial Arts and Toughness to stay alive.

Weapons can be found on almost all NPCs (non-player characters), excluding enslaved characters and the Anti Slavers. Weapons can be found in some ruins (EX: Shek Ruins) and Lost Armouries. Weapons can be sold to any shop (Stealth may be necessary for stolen items), not just a store which sells weapons.

Weapons and their blueprints can be purchased from Weapons Shops. After researching the technology, weapons can be created at a Weapon Smithing Bench. The quality of Homemade weapons is determined by the grades researched and the Weapon Smith level of the character creating them.

Miscellaneous Equipment


Backpacks can be equipped by characters and livestock. Some backpacks allow for items to be stacked while inside them, noticeably increasing the amount of items which one character can hold. Most backpacks severely damage a player's Stealth stat, except for Thieves Backpacks.


Lanterns can be equipped in the Belt slot, helping players see in the dark. Vendors claim that they are necessary when entering the Fog Islands.