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Weight info under the Inventory menu.

Encumbrance is the term used to define the amount of weight you can carry, and at what speed you can do so. Every item in the game has a weight value which contributes to your encumbrance. Encumbrance is defined by multiple factors, such as Strength and location of the items in your inventory. Penalties for exceeding your carry weight include loss of speed and combat stats.

Calculating Encumbrance[]

There a few factors to consider when calculating encumbrance, but the main things to consider are:

  • Strength directly affects your carry weight at a ratio of 1:1.
  • Items in your backpack count as half weight, but at a penalty of combat stats.
  • Equipment counts against your carry weight.

To calculate base carry weight before backpacks are factored in, use this formula.


States of Encumbrance[]

There are multiple different states of encumbrance, each which affect your character's performance.

  • Weightless - Anything less than 120% of your maximum carry weight is considered Weightless.
  • Lightweight - Anything between 120% and 150% of your maximum carry weight is considered Lightweight.
  • Moderate - Anything between 150% and 200% of your maximum carry weight is considered Moderate.