Empire Weapon Shops are weapon shops owned by the Traders Guild found in United Cities.

This shop is the larger version of Small Empire Weapon Shop, and therefore also contains a larger variety and quantities than it's counterpart.

Possible Locations[edit | edit source]

Residents[edit | edit source]

In Heng, this shop is capable of spawning Artifacts, as such it may spawn items not in the list. These items, however, will not respawn when the shop restocks.

Possible Stock

Weapons Manufacturer Chance
Desert Sabre.png
Desert Sabre Rare
Foreign Sabre.png
Foreign Sabre Rare
Guardless Katana.png
Guardless Katana Uncommon
Heavy Jitte.png
Heavy Jitte Common
Holed Sabre.png
Holed Sabre Common
Horse Chopper.png
Horse Chopper Common
Jitte Common
Katana Common
Longsword Common
Mercenary Club.png
Mercenary Club Uncommon
Naginata Common
Naginata Katana.png
Naginata Katana Common
Ninja Blade.png
Ninja Blade Uncommon
Nodachi Common
Plank Uncommon
Ringed Sabre.png
Ringed Sabre Common
Staff Uncommon
Wakizashi Uncommon
  • Desert Sabres
  • Foreign Sabres
  • Holed Sabres
  • Jittes
  • Katanas
  • Longswords
  • Naginatas
  • Ninja Blades
  • Nodachi
  • Polearms
  • Ringed Sabres
  • Sabres
  • Wakizashis
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