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Empire Ranger Shop is a Weapons Shop controlled by the Tech Hunters. This shop has lower quality stock than the Adventurer Ranger Shop.

 Possible Locations[]

Depending on World States, this vendor might spawn in:


Possible Stock

Item Average Price Chance
Bolts Heavies.png
Bolts Heavies c.272 Uncommon
Bolts Longs.png
Bolts Longs c.389 Rare
Bolts Regulars.png
Bolts Regulars c.243 Common
Bolts Toothpicks.png
Bolts Toothpicks c.243 Common

Crossbows Grades Chance
Eagle's Cross.png
Eagle's Cross [S] [H] [S] Rare
Oldworld Bow MkI.png
Oldworld Bow MkI [S] [H] [S] Common
Oldworld Bow MkII.png
Oldworld Bow MkII [S] [H] [S] Uncommon
Ranger [S] [H] [S] Common
Spring Bat.png
Spring Bat [S] [H] [S] Common
Tooth Pick.png
Tooth Pick [S] [H] [S] Common


  • Bolts: Heavies (rare)
  • Bolts: Longs (rare)
  • Bolts: Regulars
  • Junkbow (rare)
  • Ranger (uncommon)
  • Spring Bat (uncommon)
  • Tooth Pick (uncommon)