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Empire Armour Shop is the standard Armour Shop found in the United Cities.

Possible Locations[]

Many town overrides of Bark and Drifter's Last can still spawn this vendor.


Possible Stock

Armour Grades Chance
Armoured Face Plates.png
Armoured Face Plates Uncommon
Armoured Hood.png
Armoured Hood Rare
Flared Helmet.png
Flared Helmet Uncommon
Hachigane Uncommon
Heart Protector.png
Heart Protector Rare
Iron Hat.png
Iron Hat Uncommon
Masked Helmet.png
Masked Helmet Uncommon
Mercenary Leather Armour.png
Mercenary Leather Armour Uncommon
Mercenary Plate.png
Mercenary Plate Common
Plate Jacket.png
Plate Jacket Common
Plated Longboots.png
Plated Longboots Rare
Police Helmet.png
Police Helmet Uncommon
Samurai Armour.png
Samurai Armour Common
Samurai Boots.png
Samurai Boots Uncommon
Samurai Helmet.png
Samurai Helmet Uncommon
Samurai Legplates.png
Samurai Legplates Common
Side-Angle Hachigane.png
Side-Angle Hachigane Uncommon
Visored Helmet.png
Visored Helmet Uncommon


  • Mercenary Plate
  • Plated Longboots
  • Samurai Clothpants
  • Samurai Boots
  • Samurai Armour
  • Samurai Helmet
  • Samurai Legplates
  • Armoured Face Plates
  • Plate Jacket
  • Flared Helmet
  • Masked Helmet
  • Police Helmet
  • Spiked Helmet
  • Visored Helmet
  • Mercenary Leather Armour
  • Hachigane
  • Side-Angle Hachigane
  • Iron Hat
  • Black Plate Jacket