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Dyed Trousers.png
Slot: PANTS Type: Clothing

The Dyed Trousers are a colourable piece of Clothing worn in Legwear slot. They are given to characters who are enslaved in Rebirth, along with Dyed Robes. The player will also start with these items during The Slaves game start.

This armour has inventory dimensions of 4x5.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Source[edit | edit source]

Always Equipped Potentially Equipped

Lord Shiro [M]
Lord Nagata [M]
Lord Inaba [M]
Longen [M]
Lady Sanda [M]
Lady Merin [M]
Slaver Boss [S] [H]
Lower Servant [S] [S]
Rebirth Slave [P]

There are no characters which only have a chance of spawning with this item equipped.

Shops Loot

The Great Library BlueprintsLargegreen.png

This item is not found in any non-shop locations.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Clothing Bench

(1 required)

Dyed Trousers
Dyed Trousers.png
Dyed Trousers

[Research Blueprint]

-Value c.300
-Sell value c.75
New Armour Type: Dyed Trousers
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