The Dust King Tower, home of the famous Dust King, is located in the Border Zone on the edge of a cliffside overlooking the river below. The tower's fortifications consist of Level 3 walls, a gate and 5 mounted crossbows on the walls. Defenders can number up to 20+ Dust Bandits and a handful of Dust Bosses, presumably lieutenants of the King. Unique Recruit Cat is imprisoned on the third floor of the tower, on the prison level.

Residents[edit | edit source]

Housemates (Dust Tower Guards)


Items[edit | edit source]

This location has a gear Artifacts value of 10,000 Cats, meaning it will spawn armour and weapons from the Artifacts system. This location also has a total item count of 30 items and it refreshes every 24 hours.

Possible Stock

Item Average Price Chance
Advanced First Aid Kit.png
Advanced First Aid Kit c.265 Common
Advanced Splint Kit.png
Advanced Splint Kit c.311 Common
Bloodrum c.1,328 Common
Book c.300 Common
Bread c.488 Common
Cactus Rum.png
Cactus Rum c.520 Common
Chewsticks c.152 Common
Cup c.6 Common
Dried Meat.png
Dried Meat c.78 Common
Dustwich c.730 Common
Empty Grog Can.png
Empty Grog Can c.3 Common
Empty Rum Bottle.png
Empty Rum Bottle c.3 Common
Foodcube c.874 Common
Gohan c.444 Common
Grog c.1,155 Common
Hashish c.144 Common
Luxury Goods.png
Luxury Goods c.240 Common
Meatwrap c.658 Common
Motor c.421 Common
Pearl Cup.png
Pearl Cup c.240 Common
Pearl Urn.png
Pearl Urn c.600 Common
Rice Bowl.png
Rice Bowl c.186 Common
Sake c.428 Common
Sleeping Bag.png
Sleeping Bag c.605 Common
Splint Kit.png
Splint Kit c.212 Common
Standard First Aid Kit.png
Standard First Aid Kit c.147 Common
Water Jug.png
Water Jug c.30 Common
Wooden Bowl.png
Wooden Bowl c.12 Common

Backpack Average Price Chance
Medium Backpack.png
Medium Backpack c.1,500 Uncommon
Scavenger's Basket.png
Scavenger's Basket c.250 Common
Small Backpack.png
Small Backpack c.1,000 Common
Trader's Wooden Backpack.png
Trader's Wooden Backpack c.800 Uncommon

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The best way to unlock the front gate is from the side of the staircase, rather than going directly in front of the gate itself. From this position, you're less likely to be seen (you're behind the main wall, not the transparent gate), and are less open to crossbow fire from the turrets. You can even open the gate from here without drawing any alarm, allowing your entire group to enter the base without resistance.
  • Upon entering the gate, you will most likely be swarmed. With low level characters, you will no doubt be wiped, and once downed the Dust Bandits will pick you up and imprison you inside of cages on the third floor. The Dust King will either be outside, and can easily be lured to a safer place away from the tower, or he will be inside and will be one of the last bandits to come after you. In the case of the former, you can get him to chase you far away from the aggro range of the others. Otherwise, you will have to fight through the rest of the bandits, which can easily result in a wipe and party deaths.
  • It is possible to claim the Dust King's bounty very early in the game if one hires a team or two of Mercenaries to storm the tower for them. Simply unlock and open the gate and enter with your hired blades, and wait for him to go down to collect the bounty. The disadvantages of this are that a single character is unlikely to be able to collect all of the loot from the tower, and missing out on the experience from both Dust Bandit raids, and the fight itself.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If you become allied to the Dust Bandits faction through either FCS or the slavery trick, you can enter and use the camp beds inside of the tower, as well as man the Mounted Crossbows on the wall. Despite the fact that the bandits inside will say you're trespassing, they will never become hostile or raise an alarm, and you're free to remain inside as long as you want.
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