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Chumps! Come out and talk to your friendly neighbourhood bandits! We just want to be friends! BEST of friends! Yay!

Dust Boss, announcing the first base invasion

Dust Bandits are a hostile faction found around the Border Zone. Dust Bandits are better trained and equipped than some other bandit groups, like Starving Bandits. Members of this faction wear a distinctive uniform of a makeshift style. Spiked Helmets, Heart Protectors, Armoured Rag Skirts and Samurai Boots appear to be common for all of them. They often engage in extortionist tactics, attempting to get their victims to pay tribute to them to prevent attacks from their raiding parties.

They are lead by a man known as the Dust King, who is much stronger than your average bandit and carries a large bounty on his head.

Outpost Interactions

Dust Bandits are able to organize base assaults on player's outposts.

Sometimes they will deliver bandit demands. Their designated "War Leader" will show up. If you speak to him, he will demand that the outpost delivers a certain number of Cats at specific intervals. The player can agree or refuse, with the latter causing the bandit army to attack.

There are also a few dialogue options that allow the player character to simply stab the War Leader in the face (or guts) mid-conversation. This will cause him to scream in pain, and his entire army will flee. However, they will show back up a few days later, doubled in size.

See events page for a full list.

Other Interactions

When the player nears a group of Dust Bandits on patrol, sometimes the leader will initiate dialog with you and demand Cats from your party for safe passage. If the responding character has no backpack equipped, giving him 500c will prevent them from attacking you. Giving them 300c will have them demand more money from you rather than ending the dialog. If the character has a backpack equipped, however, the bandit will assume that you're hiding more money inside and demand more even if you gave them 500c.

By preemptively speaking to a Dust Bandit, they will sometimes very bluntly ask if you wish to fight them. Choosing "No" might be enough to prevent hostilities.

Non-Player Characters

This faction has a clear hierarchy:


Faction Relations

The factions this faction has special relations with. Most others will use the default (0), bandits use (-100).

Player Relations

  • Killing or imprisoning the Dust King will severely damage relations with this faction.


Dust Bandit patrols can spawn in Border Zone and Shem.
These towns, outposts, and other locations are controlled by this faction.
Mapico-camp.png Dust Bandit Camp
Mapico-x.png Dust King Tower
Town Overrides
There are no locations which can be controlled by this faction due to changes in World States.