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Drifter's Last is a Major Town controlled by the United Cities faction, located in the Southwest region of the map known as the Hook. The town has a number of farms just outside the town walls. This location is home to Lady Merin of the Noble Circle. It can be found by exploration or by acquiring and reading the Map of the United Cities (Extended Territories).

The area is frequently attacked by Outlaw Farmers.

Due to the lack of Police Station presence in this town, if the player or any other NPC gets arrested they will directly get imprisoned in the cages of the Slave Shop and get enslaved there. The enslaved characters will then later be sent to Slave Farm South to work there.

Buildings and Shops[]

Town Overrides[]

Drifter's Last, Half-Destroyed[]

If Lady Merin is killed while Slave Mistress Grace is alive and free Drifter's Last will become half-destroyed.

Drifter's Last, Free Traders[]

If Lady Merin and Slave Mistress Grace are both killed or imprisoned, Drifter's Last will be overtaken by the Free Traders.