Stats Affected: Description:
Skill at shooting with crossbows. Affects accuracy, reload speed, and target acquisition.
-Rate of fire
-Reload speed
Ways to Train:
-Using crossbows and ranged weapons

Crossbows are Kenshi's only ranged weapons that can be carried. To use a crossbow, equip the crossbow, make sure that the character has the correct ammunition in their inventory, and ensure that RANGED is active under JOBS.

Crossbows can do a decent amount of damage and cause significant bleeding. It is important to note that the size of the target (and its hitbox) plays an important role in the accuracy of crossbows. As of such, large animals are easier to hit than humanoids, which are in turn much easier to hit than spiders. It is not rare for high-powered crossbows to kill enemies outright, rather than knock them unconscious.

Crossbows can be crafted through the Crossbow Smith stat.

Racial Experience Multipliers
Negative Multiplier:
There are no races which have negative experience multipliers for this stat.
Positive Multiplier:
-Skeleton Log-Head MKII
All multipliers are either 0.8x or 1.2x unless marked otherwise.

Crossbow Ammunition Types

Image Name Charges/Shots Cost Used with
Bolts Toothpicks
Bolts [Toothpicks] 40 243 Junkbow and Tooth Pick
Bolts Regulars
Bolts [Regulars] 30 243 Ranger and Oldworld Bows
Bolts Heavies
Bolts [Heavies] 20 272 Spring Bat
Bolts Longs
Bolts [Longs] 10 389 Eagle's Cross

Crossbow Weapons

Name Damage Accuracy




Range Projectile




10-24 6-12° 2.0-4.0s 30 - 40 m 35-45m/s 90
Tooth Pick
Tooth Pick
10-25 6-11° 1.25-3.0s 38 - 50 m 35-45m/s 90
20-45 3-5° 2.0-4.5s 60 - 80 m 40-50m/s 60
Spring Bat
Spring Bat
30-80 4-8° 3.5-8.0s 40 - 55 m 50-60m/s 70
Oldworld Bow MkI
Oldworld Bow MkI
20-50 2.5-4.0° 2.5-4.5s 80 - 110 m 50-60m/s 70
Oldworld Bow MkII
Oldworld Bow MkII
35-60 2.2-4.0° 2.2-8.0s 80 - 120 m 50-60m/s 80
Eagle's Cross
Eagle's Cross
50-100 1.5-2.5° 4-10s 150 - 190 m 70-80m/s 80

The damage, accuracy, range, projectile velocity, reload time are all affected by the quality of the weapon. A low quality weapon will never reach the best values while the highest quality bow have minimum values much higher than the worst quality versions. Unlike other weapons Crossbows use the same quality as Armour; ranging from Prototype to Masterwork.

NPC Usage

  1. Cannibal Hunters
  2. Dust Bandits
  3. Noble Hunters
  4. Outlaw Farmers
  5. Reavers
  6. Shinobi Guard
  7. Tech Hunters
  8. Slaver Guards
  9. Yabuta Outlaws
  10. Hounds
  11. Rebel Fighters
  12. Scavengers
  13. Escaped Servants
  14. Sand Ninjas
  15. Swamp Ninja Genin
  16. Swamper Gate Guards
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