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The purpose of this tutorial is to explain the process behind adding custom weapons to the game using the Forgotten Construction Set. The goal is to add a war hammer to the game, as seen in the image.


Before starting, a mesh is required for the weapon. Since mesh creation will not be covered in this tutorial, the war hammer mesh can be downloaded here.

When making a mesh from scratch, it is important to remember that the weapon will be held at the mesh's origin.

The weapons category.

Adding The Weapon[]

Open up the Forgotten Construction Set and create a new mod.

In the Game World window, navigate to the Items>Weapons category. Add a new weapon.


Fill out all of the weapon's attributes. A screenshot of recommended values can be seen on the right, however experimentation is encouraged. For a detailed explanation as to what each attribute does, see Weapons.

Adding a mesh to the weapon[]

The FCS can only read files that have been placed in the Kenshi folder, so any files that the mod will reference, such as the weapon's .mesh file, must be placed in the same folder as the .mod file.

In the "Files" section of the attributes menu, click on the "..." button next to the "Bare Sword" attribute and navigate to the .mesh file. Do the same for "Mesh".

Weapons of similar types typically use the same collision files, so for the "Physics File" attribute, navigate to "Kenshi/data/items/weapons/phs/chopper01.xml". Without a physics file, it will be impossible for the player to select the dropped weapon in-game.

At this point, the weapon should be ready for use, however there is currently no way for the player to obtain it in normal gameplay.

Creating a new research[]


All weapon types have to be researched before they can be crafted. Navigate to the "Research" category and create a new research.

The screenshot to the right provides the recommended values for this tutorial, however experimentation is recommended. For an explanation of each attribute and reference, see Research.

The two references here are very important. The first is "Enable Weapon Type", which makes it possible for the player to craft the selected weapon when the research is complete. The next is "Requirements", which defines prerequisite research.

At this point, the mod should be ready for use in-game.