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The Crab Tournaments are a series of events involving the Crab Raiders faction. They trigger when a base is constructed in Crab Raider territory and the faction reputation with them is less than 50. The Crab Queen must also still be in power.


When any Crab Raiders see the base they will yell about the tournament and the first raid will be scheduled. In a couple of days a war party will arrive with crabs and the megacrab Titus. After introductions combat will start. Defeating the raid will schedule the next one with megacrab Barnabus. This repeats two more times with megacrabs Mr Gigantus and finally The Crabinator. Upon defeating the last challenge, one more event will be scheduled but without combat this time. The Crab Raiders will congratulate you and grand 200 reputation, placing the player at the cap of +100 regardless of prior standing.

Tips and bugs[]

  • It is possible to lower your standing with the Crab Raiders in a controlled way to below 50 by repeatedly and unsuccessfully attempting a sneak knockout on the Crab Queen. This is useful if you have more then 50 reputation already but still want the Crab Tournament to happen. Dropping the reputation to 49 in this way will anger the whole throne room.
  • The terrain in Crab Raider territory is rocky and uneven. This causes the bigger crabs to get stuck easily. It may be necessary to leave the base to intercept the stuck crabs in order to complete a tournament round successfully.
  • A war party will typically spawn in at the closest Crab Village. Building close to it may reduce the AI path finding troubles.