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Crab Smithy is a vendor for the Crab Raiders found in Crab Town and Crab Village. The shopkeeper is a Crabsmith. A Crab Raider and a Crab Raider Civilian can also be found in this shop.

This store only exists as long as the Crab Queen has not been killed or imprisoned.


Possible Stock

Item Average Price Chance
Basic First Aid Kit.png
Basic First Aid Kit c.76 Uncommon
Splint Kit.png
Splint Kit c.212 Uncommon
Standard First Aid Kit.png
Standard First Aid Kit c.147 Uncommon

Armour Grades Chance
Blackened Chainmail.png
Blackened Chainmail Rare
Blackened Chain Shirt.png
Blackened Chain Shirt Rare
Crab Armour.png
Crab Armour Common
Crab Helmet.png
Crab Helmet Common
Crab Shoes.png
Crab Shoes Common
Crab Trousers.png
Crab Trousers Common
Rusty Chainmail.png
Rusty Chainmail Uncommon
Rusty Chain Shirt.png
Rusty Chain Shirt Uncommon