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'Ey, what's with those rags, you're wearing anyway? Look like you've been chewed on by a gutter...

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Clothing is any equipment which can be equipped in an armour slot but gives no defensive bonus and does not fall into the Light, Medium, or Heavy armour class. Many serve no purpose beyond decreasing your "looks like a slave" rating when escaping Slavery. Clothing tends to be found as starting gear on new recruits. Some clothing may provide bonuses to Athletics, Combat Speed, Stealth. or Martial Arts.

While clothing items give no stats bonus depending on their quality, the player-crafted high quality items are still identifiable by a slight change in the worded description. Such items are described as "high quality armour", followed by a generic description that cites the creator's name. Only the smiths that are able to regularly craft "Specialist" level gear make clothing with this special description.

Headgear[edit | edit source]

There are eight Clothing Headgear options.

Image Item Cost Sell Price Crafting Table
Ashland Hat.png
Ashland Hat 151 37 Leather Armour Crafting Bench
Ashlander Stormgoggles.png
Ashlander Stormgoggles 120 30 Leather Armour Crafting Bench
Basket Hat.png
Basket Hat 10 7 Clothing Bench
Cap 90 22 Clothing Bench
Sandagosa 10 2 Clothing Bench
Square Googles Icon.png
Square Goggles 60 15 Clothing Bench
Straw Hat.png
Straw Hat 10 2 Clothing Bench
Wool Hat.png
Wool Hat 90 22 Clothing Bench

Shirts[edit | edit source]

There are six Clothing Shirt options.

Image Item Cost Sell Price Crafting Table
Cloth Shirt.png
Cloth Shirt 225 56 Clothing Bench
Cloth Shirt.png
Black Cloth Shirt 225 56 Clothing Bench
Martial Artist Bindings.png
Martial Artist Bindings 200 40 Clothing Bench
Turtleneck 300 75 Clothing Bench
Dyed Turtleneck 300 75 Clothing Bench
White Vest.png
White Vest 150 20 Clothing Bench

Legwear[edit | edit source]

There are ten Clothing Legwear options.

Image Item Cost Sell Price Crafting Table
Cargopants (padded).png
Cargopants* 50 12 Clothing Bench
Gi Pants Icon.png
Gi Pants 50 12 Clothing Bench
Halfpants (ragged).png
Halfpants (ragged)* 50 12 Clothing Bench
Monk Pants.png
Monk Pants 50 12 Clothing Bench
Noble's Trousers.png
Noble's Trousers 500 75 Clothing Bench
Ninja Pants.png
Ninja Pants - - Clothing Bench
Slave Dress Icon.png
Rag Loincloth* 50 12 Clothing Bench
Stout Hessian.png
Stout Hessian - - Clothing Bench
Stout Hessian Uniform.png
Stout Hessian Uniform - - Clothing Bench
Worn-out Shorts.png
Worn-out Shorts 20 5 Clothing Bench

*There are colored/dyed versions of these items

Body Armour[edit | edit source]

There are five Clothing Body Armour options.

Image Item Cost Sell Price Crafting Table
Gi 200 50 Clothing Bench
Hive Prisoner Shackles* - - -
Monk Robe.png
Monk Robe 393 98 Clothing Bench
Ninja Gi.png
Ninja Gi 200 50 Clothing Bench
Noble's Robe.png
Noble's Robe - - Clothing Bench
Rag Shirt.png
Rag Shirt 393 98 Clothing Bench

*It's considered Heavy Armour by the FCS.

Footwear[edit | edit source]

There are two Clothing Footwear option.

Image Item Cost Sell Price Crafting Table
Prisoner Shackles* - - -
Wooden Sandals Icon.png
Wooden Sandals 50 12 Clothing Bench

*It's considered Medium Armour by the FCS.

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