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This is a russian guide to how to alter the controlling faction of a town inside of a saved game, using the Forgotten Construction Set. The player in this example then shows the effect of these changes in the second gallery by placing and constructing a Small Shack within the limits of The Hub.

Теперь вы можете присваивать города в KENSHI

Thanks to everyone for commenting on my article, but there is a problem with this method, if you haven’t been in that city more than once (for example, a hub), then there will be buildings, but nps, the interior (vaults, etc.) will not appear as on the screen the burn towers, also after assigning the city, the nps code, buys things, you get the money, not the merchant, unfortunately I don’t know, the inverter is updated from the merchants

sorry for my English

I condolences, but from some version this method does not work

 when loading a save, a new marker is placed in the pre-owned city because of which construction outside the buildings is prohibited, I could not find another method

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