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The Catun Scrapmasters are the probably only major smithing group producing weapons in the modern age. Their blades are good quality and used all over the continent.

–In-game description

Catun Scrapmaster is a weapon manufacturer company based in the city CatunThey are a mid-grade manufacturer of weapons. Their quality is above average, as is their price and weight. The weapons manufactured by them deal 20% increased blunt damage. The downsides are that they are heavier, potentially taking considerable strength to master them and weapons that deal mostly cutting damage do not benefit as much or at all in some cases.

These weapons are often found on officers and other stronger enemies in the world. Or as Artifacts in ruins.


  • Price: 1.2
  • Blunt Damage: 1.2
  • Cut Damage: 1
  • Min Cut Damage: 1
  • Weight: 1.2


  • Catun No.1
  • Catun No.2
  • Catun No.3