Entrance to Catun.

As of the Beta launch in 0.90.0, this town is no longer available as it was in the Old World. Please refer to the World of Kenshi page for a list of locations currently available.

Catun is the largest town in Kenshi, as well as the Westernmost city. The town is currently owned by the Dead Cats. Nearby towns include Brink, Clownsteady, Shark, as well as an outpost to the northeast.


Location of Catun

Important Buildings in CatunEdit


  • Catun was previously known as Capital, it's original name. It was changed to Catan later.
    • In update 0.64, Catan was changed to Capan due to concern of the previous name being based on an already existed board game of the same name.[1]
  • Although Capital was changed to Catan (then later Capan, and now Catun), Capital still exists as a town in gamedata.base.


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