The monetary unit used in Kenshi is known as Cats. These can be acquired by the player from selling looted junk to merchants. They are found in their item form by looting enemies such as nobles or in containers within ancient ruins such as barrels.

Although Cats do exist as their item-form within containers or within the inventories of some enemies, when looted the Cats will automatically be added to the players total Cats and the item will be deleted, this differs from earlier builds of Kenshi where the item would persist upon pickup and appeared within the inventories of vendors.

Cats are used to buy Items, Armour, Weapons and hire recruits or mercenaries. The amount of Cats which the player starts out with is dependent on the Game Start that the player has chosen (e.g. Wanderer starts out with 1,000 Cats).

History[edit | edit source]

Cats previously were described as being short for "Catan Credits" and named after the town of Catan, later known as Catun. This has changed since the Southeast quarter of the map was released, and now Cats are named after the former emperor of the Second Empire, Cat-Lon.

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