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This category contains all characters that appear in Kenshi. Some pages may be for characters which spawn with randomized names.

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Animals are characters in Kenshi which are not humanoid. This category includes robotic animals, as they are categorized as animals in FCS and function the same in game. Animals are separated into two categories: Fauna and Robots. More information about animals can be found on Guide to Animals.


This category include characters that bodyguard the player for a certain amount of time given certain conditions. They are usually shown as green dots on the map. It does not include allied reinforcements in response to a raid or freed slaves.


The characters in this category have a chance to spawn with a Bounty. Many of them have Wanted Posters available in shops. Those characters will have a 100% chance to spawn with a bounty.


These characters are characters which can be recruited or can join the player under certain conditions. This subcategory includes pages linked to from Generic Recruits, Unique Recruits, and Slave Recruits.


These characters only die once. If looted and left alive after a fight, they can regain their health and items when the player reloads their location. Many of these characters are tied to a World State.

This subcategory is not exclusive to characters and may contain some Unique Items.

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