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Cat-Lon's Exile is the Throne of the maddened and former Emperor of the Second Empire, Cat-Lon. It is deep in the Ashlands. The location can be marked by reading the Bugmaster's Map or a Map of the Ashlands. This location is controlled by the Second Empire Exile faction, unlike the Ashland Domes which are controlled by the Second Empire. Cat-Lon provides lore during your stay at the Cat-Lon's Exile.

The first dome houses up to 120 Stormthralls. The second dome houses Cat-Lon himself.

The place has only one entrance and exit, via the large land ramp at the west of it.

A large piece of debris is suspended over Cat-Lon's Exile. When viewed from far, the object would appear to be the remnant of a large space-elevator[1].

It's also of note that the sink-hole is likely created by the above structure which may be a variant of the satellites observed in The Eye and Venge.

Possible Loot



  • This location was probably known earlier in development as the The Forgotten Throne.
  • In an earlier version this location was also once named "Kami", the Japanese word for god.