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Where the Cannibal Villages are located, as seen from the map.

A Cannibal Village is a Minor Outpost created by Cannibals to serve as a staging ground and rest area for their faction.

There are three Cannibal Villages in the Cannibal Plains: one to the South-West of the Cannibal Capital, one to the South East of the Cannibal Capital, and one the the West-South-West of the Cannibal Capital. A fourth one will override Flotsam Village if Moll is dead. 

There are two Cannibal Villages in Darkfinger, as well as a named Cannibal Village: First Village

The South-Western Cannibal Village

  These villages primarily consist of tents, beds, makeshift metal shacks, and prisoner cages. Multiple roaming squads of Cannibals are usually resting in the village or patrolling nearby.

As Shrieking Bandits are commonly seen skirmishing with the Cannibals, it is not uncommon to see the Cannibal's prisoner cages filled with Shrieking Bandits.

A random Cannibal Village is a location for a 2 character "Cannibal Hunters" game start.

The West-South-Western Cannibal Village

The South Eastern Cannibal Village.