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The nightmares never go away. We keep killing but they never go away.

Cannibal Hunters are a group of people who have dedicated themselves to culling the Cannibal threat, attempting to keep them contained in their own territory. It is presumed they do this for their own reasons, such as personal grudges and the like. Unlike most factions in the world, these people will heal any wounded strangers they see.

Non-Player Characters[]

Cannibal Hunter Robun is the leader of the Cannibal Hunters.

Mani is a former Cannibal Hunter.


Faction Relations[]

The factions this faction has special relations towards, though they may not share the same opinion. For all others, it will use this faction's default (0).

Player Relations[]

The reasons for this faction to have a non-zero relation towards you.

  • The player can hire the Cannibal Hunters to help them at the cost of 3000 cats per day.


Cannibal Hunter patrols can spawn in Cannibal Plains, Hidden Forest, Northern Coast, and Sinkuun.

Cannibal Hunter Camps can potentially be found in Hidden Forest, Northern Coast, and Sinkuun.

These towns, outposts, and other locations are controlled by this faction.
Mapico-watchtower.png The Bastion
Mapico-camp.png Camp - Cannibal Hunters

Cannibal Hunters might hang around in bars near Fishing Village, Hidden Forest, and World's End.

Town Overrides
There are no locations which can be controlled by this faction due to changes in World States.