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Flat Shelter
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Camp Bed

Camping structures are temporary buildings that can be set up while out travelling. These buildings do not create a player town, and therefore do not result in events being drawn to the player. Many of these buildings do not require any research or blueprints to be built.

Loading Screen Tips
You can build a tent out of fabrics to protect yourself from acid rain out in the wilds

Picture Name Materials cost Description
Scrap Tent.png
Scrap Tent 1x Animal Skin An ragged tent that can be crafted in the field out of animal skins. It offers some protection from the rain.
Mercenary Tent.png
Mercenary Tent 1x Fabrics A tent used by mercenaries to shelter from the rain.
Flat Shelter.png
Flat Shelter 1x Fabrics A flat shelter commonly used on rooftops of the United Cities. Protects from the rain.