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The Floodlands mostly attract the adventuring type, it's full of lost treasures of course, so why wouldnt it? Anybody else of sane mind wouldn't risk the spider bots, they keep most of the more hostile trespassers at bay at least...

But life holed up in this tower can get dull, so it's always good to share shelter and exchange stories with fellow adventurers.


Burn's Tower, located in the north Floodlands, is where Burn stays until he is recruited. Burn is found waiting outside of the tower.

Inside the tower, there is a decent amount of loot. Most notably is the Skeleton Repair Kits which are a must if Burn is the first Skeleton recruited to the player faction.

Total item count: 15

Refresh time: 24 hours

This location has a gear Artifacts value of 15,000 Cats, meaning it will spawn additional items through the Artifacts system.

Possible Stock

Item Average Price Chance
Book c.300 Common
Copper Alloy Plates.png
Copper Alloy Plates c.608 Common
CPU Unit.png
CPU Unit c.6,000 Common
Crossbow Parts.png
Crossbow Parts c.408 Uncommon
Damaged Book.png
Damaged Book c.6 Common
Electrical Components.png
Electrical Components c.216 Common
Fuel c.192 Common
Gears c.162 Common
Generator Core.png
Generator Core c.2,755 Common
Hacksaw c.72 Common
Hinge c.81 Common
Iron Plates.png
Iron Plates c.135 Common
Motor c.421 Common
Power Core.png
Power Core c.3,000 Common
Press c.324 Uncommon
Robotics Components.png
Robotics Components c.2,838 Common
Skeleton Repair Kit.png
Skeleton Repair Kit c.4,341 Common
Spring Steel.png
Spring Steel c.259 Uncommon
Steel Bars.png
Steel Bars c.648 Common
Tools c.240 Common