Building Materials
Building Materials
-Weight 2 kg
Avg. Price c.108
Used to construct buildings. Heavy and difficult to transport in large quantities.

While also used for trade, the main function of Building Materials is the construction of buildings and objects, such as outposts or interior items.

Building Materials can be purchased from Construction Traders in towns or produce your own at a Stone Processor.

Can be stored in Storage: Building Materials

A Hybrid Stone Mine creates Building Materials directly and no longer creates Raw Stone which needs to be processed.

Stone Processor
Raw Stone
Raw Stone

(2 required)

Building Materials
Building Materials

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Can be bought at these vendors: Adventurer Mechanical Shops, Blackmarket Bars, Empire Construction Shops, Hive Traders, Holy Construction Shops, Ronin Construction Shops, and Trade Goods Shops.

Can be looted from these locations: Holy Mine Ruin, Tiny Settlement.

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