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If your character has a bounty on his head then he should avoid going to towns with a police presence. It takes time for someone to recognize you though, so if you have to go in- avoid attention and get out fast.

Many characters have Bounties on their heads, which means that they are wanted by a faction for Cats. These characters can be learned about through their Wanted Posters.


If a player character has a bounty some factions will try to catch them. They will attack this character and after defeating them, they will put them into a cage. Such factions are United Cities, The Holy Nation, Mongrel and Bounty Hunters.

Besides stealing, picking locks and looting bodies in town, player can be wanted even for visiting residential houses (like Mongrel or The Holy Nation ones). These houses are usually private. People in such houses will ask player to leave. Therefore, be careful and check a house status for "Public" before entering.

Bounty Types[]

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Stealing, picking locks, looting bodies in town, these are all crimes that will get a bounty put on your head if you are spotted.

Crime List[]

-- These bounties will fade over time. If the player hasn't exceeded 10,000 c limit to become notorious

  • Burglary (1000 c)
  • Trespassing (100 c)
  • Looting
  • Crop Theft
  • Theft
  • Escaping Prison
  • Slavery (only applicable to factions that aren't pro-slavery)
  • Assault (500 c)
  • Terrorism (4000 c)
  • Kidnapping (5000 c)
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The bigger your bounty, the more people are going to recognize you. Police and bounty hunters are the sharpest spotters, while civilians will only recognize the most infamous of criminals.


-- A large bounty makes player more notorious. After the bounty reaches 10,000 c, it will never expire. It can then only be removed by bailing the player out by talking to the Police Chief/Inquisitor/Hundred Guardian (depending on the faction whom you are bailing out from) directly.

If the player reached a notorious status while in a cage whose faction is pro-slavery, the player will be enslaved after some time and transported to their own respective slave mines.

Bounties for enemies' heads[]

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If someone has a bounty on their head you can freely attack them without any trouble from the police.

Bounties are prices put out on the heads of notorious characters such as Sand Ninja Jounin, Dust Bandit leaders, Starving Bandit leaders, and even the player themselves if they commit crimes. Note that not all leaders necessarily have a bounty on them, but you can find out which ones do by clicking on them. This will tell you if that particular character has a bounty and how much the bounty is if they do.

To collect a bounty, deliver their body to the Police and they will pay you as you release it. It should be noted that the character must be delivered alive for the full bounty, but the Police will accept their corpse for a smaller bounty (usually around half of what they would pay if the character were alive) and that it does not matter who killed or incapacitated the character, as long as you are the one that turns it in the bounty is yours. Bringing in bounties also increases the reputation of the faction it has been handed in to. The reputation increase seems to always be +2 per bounty, no matter how much the bounty was or if it was delivered alive.

Some bounties do not actually require you to hand in a body but instead yield a high value looted item that needs to be sold. These bounties do not give reputation but also don't require hauling someone across the map either. The bounties on Fog Princes and the King Gurgler work like this. Their heads can be sold to any vendor to receive payment.

Finding bounties[]

Wanted Posters can be purchased or looted from Police Stations and Bars. In this wiki, all characters with bounties are organized into the Category Bounty, including characters which only have a small chance of spawning with a bounty.

Named character bounty list[]

Name Reward Location Recipient Weapon
Bugmaster 100.000 Arach Shek Kingdom (Admag), Holy Nation (Blister Hill), United Cities Meitou Foreign Sabre
Holy Lord Phoenix 100.000 Blister Hill Shek Kingdom (Admag), Flotsam Ninjas (Flotsam Village), United Cities Meitou Paladin's Cross
Tinfist 100.000 Spring United Cities, The Holy Nation Martial Arts
Esata The Stone Golem 100.000 Admag The Holy Nation, United Cities Meitou Fragment Axe
Savant 80.000 Skinhouse HQ United Cities Meitou Nodachi
King Gurgler 60.000 Island Lab Everyone Meitou Combat Cleaver
Gorrillo 50.000 The Old Prison United Cities, Shek Kingdom Meitou Exile Plank
Valamon 50.000 Ark United Cities Meitou Longsword
High Inquisitor Seta 40.000 Stack Shek Kingdom (Admag), Flotsam Ninjas (Flotsam Village), United Cities Catun Paladin's Cross
High Inquisitor Valtena 40.000 Okran's Shield Shek Kingdom (Admag), Flotsam Ninjas (Flotsam Village), United Cities Edgewalkers Paladin's Cross
Cannibal Grand Wizard 40.000 Cannibal Capital United Cities, The Holy Nation, Shek Kingdom Ancient Moon Cleaver
Crab Queen 40.000 Crab Town United Cities Meitou Naginata
Dust King 35.000 Dust King Tower United Cities, The Holy Nation, Shek Kingdom Skeleton Smiths Horse Chopper, Topper, Katana, Ringed Sabre
Meat Lord 30.000 First Village (Darkfinger) United Cities, The Holy Nation, Shek Kingdom Ancient Long Cleaver
Luquin 30.000 Tengu's Vault United Cities None
Grey 30.000 Spring United Cities, The Holy Nation Skeleton Smiths Falling Sun
Jaegar 30.000 Spring United Cities, The Holy Nation Skeleton Smiths Naginata Katana, Nodachi
Bo 30.000 Black Scratch United Cities, The Holy Nation Ancient Ninja Blade
Yayoi 30.000 Special Event United Cities, The Holy Nation Skeleton Smiths Ninja Blade x2
Flying Bull 30.000 New Kralia Shek Kingdom Ancient Bull Horn Axe
Hex 25.000 Tengu's Vault United Cities None
Sinklyde 25.000 Tengu's Vault United Cities None
Screamy 20.000 Tengu's Vault United Cities None
Shade 20.000 Swamp Ninja Base Shek Kingdom Edgewalkers Guardless Katana
Seto 20.000 Admag The Holy Nation Catun Plank
Mighty Canhead 20.000 Special Event United Cities, The Holy Nation, Shek Kingdom Ancient Moon Cleaver
Boss Simion 20.000 Fort Simion United Cities Edgewalkers Horse Chopper
Buzan 20.000 Tower Of Ninjas The Holy Nation Ancient Ninja Blade
Dimak 20.000 Tower Of Ninjas The Holy Nation Meitou Ninja Blade
The Preacher 15.000 Cult Village The Holy Nation, United Cities, Shek Kingdom Meitou Moon Cleaver
No-Face 15.000 Strange Camp (Gut) United Cities Skeleton Smiths Longsword, Oldworld Bow MkI
Ghost 10.000 Berserker Village Shek Kingdom Ancient Fragment Axe
Blue Eyes 10.000 Mourn United Cities Unknown Jitte
Gutterhead 10.000 Old Control Tower United Cities Mercenary Club, Toothpick, Spring Bat
Red Sabre Boss 10.000 Red Sabre Hideout United Cities, Shek Kingdom Meitou Horse Chopper
Sand Ninja Oni 10.000 Cactus Den United Cities Catun Ninja Blade
Razor 10.000 Black Desert City United Cities Catun Longsword
Tora the Fearless 10.000 Exile Camp Shek Kingdom Ancient Combat Cleaver
Ells 1.000 Sho-Battai United Cities None
Psycho ? Tengu's Vault United Cities None
Yabuta of the Sands 10.000 Tengu's Vault United Cities None

Bounties for players' heads[]

It is possible for the player character to receive bounties from the major factions. The list of somehow illegal activities includes trespassing, kidnapping, stealing and many other creative and fruitful tasks. Player characters can accumulate bounties up to a sum of 10,000 cats. If this number is exceeded then the bounty becomes permanent. Bounties below 10,000 cats can decay over time. Just to give an idea of a "price-list", kidnapping in the Holy Nation can give a bounty of up to 5,000 cats, so use the limit wisely. Or go for broke.

Possible bugs[]

  • In the current beta, an easy way to make a considerable amount of money is to have a particular character repeatedly commit crimes against one of the major factions, such as The Holy Nation, and have a second character carry the first to a prisoner cage owned by said faction. No members of that faction have to be present by whichever cage you deposit your bounty character into.