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The Border Zone is an arid no-mans-land between the Shek Kingdom and the Holy Nation territories. This zone is included in several of the game starts, often making it the first area that the new players would see. It occupies the region of the map south of Okran's Pride and east of Vain.

It is a relatively forgiving area, most notable for its very large quantity of Iron and Copper veins of high quality near towns with merchants that make it easy for early-game moneymaking. However, the various bandit factions that inhabit the region will be the downfall of any fledgling outpost. The zone is occupied by groups of wandering Starving Bandits and Dust Bandits who constantly harass each other, as well as the player. Both the Dust Bandits and the Black Dragon Ninjas have their fortified centres of banditry in this area.

The zone is also teeming with Tech Hunters (and even has a Tech Hunter settlement, known as Waystation, in the South-East). This zone was previously under Holy Nation control, but their settlements are now in ruins. There are only two major inhabited settlements in the region. The Shek town of Squin acts as the main bastion standing between the Shek Kingdom and bandits of the Border Zone and the many factions of the Swamp. The former major city of the Holy Nation, The Hub, is now in ruins and is controlled by petty factions that cannot yet hope to rebuild it into a major trading center.


Major Towns

Minor Outposts

These locations are typically small towns, villages, or faction bases.

Ancient Locations

These are places which do not have competent inhabitants. Ancient Locations are usually lost outposts or ruins. Beware: sometimes these locations contain territorial protectors such as Security Spiders.


These are temporary locations which can spawn randomly. They usually spawn with Camp Beds which are free to use.


Nests are temporary locations which can spawn randomly and typically belong to Animals.

Homeless Spawns

These are squads which spawn without being tied to a location, camp, or nest. This list is in order of likelihood.

These squads can potentially spawn in this zone if certain World States have been reached.


Border Zone
These are the modifiers which are linked to this zone on FCS.
Water 50% Fertility 100%

Environment Resources
Arid 100% Stone 100
Green 10% Iron 100
Swamp 0% Copper 80

Before building an outpost, players should find information about specific areas through Prospecting.

Aside from the occasional bandit menace and fairly balanced growth stats for crops, the Border Zone is host to a lot of Bonedog packs. Rarely you may encounter a pack of goats or garru wandering through your land, especially in the mountainous south or the canyons. This region is also home to the enigmatic Urchins, which are strewn across the landscape. Notable settlements in the Border Zone are Squin, the Hub, and a Tech Hunter Waystation. With all of the different factions and cities in close proximity to the area, the Border Zone is one of the most diverse regions in the world as far as faction selection and patrols go.

The only other noteworthy attribute of The Border Zone is its abundance of ore in the region. Iron veins of 100% quality can be found almost anywhere, but predominantly in the southern canyons or the western edge of the region near Vain. Waystation has access to a lot of iron veins and 40% copper nodes as well, and satellite wreckage can be salvaged for iron closer to the southern edge of the Border Zone. The same can be said about the Hub and Squin that have iron and copper nodes in near proximity.


This zone has the Border Zone season. Seasons may cause harmful Weather Effects or be purely aesthetic.

  • Sand steam (Duststorm)
  • Desert dust swirls
  • Sand steam (no effect)
  • Desert calm