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Boot Shop is a shop which sells Footwear and travel items. This location can potentially sell the blueprint for Drifter's Boots.

 Possible Locations[]

Depending on certain World States, this vendor might be found in:


Possible Stock

Item Average Price Chance
Advanced First Aid Kit.png
Advanced First Aid Kit c.265 Common
Authentic Skeleton Repair Kit.png
Authentic Skeleton Repair Kit c.1,865 Rare
Basic First Aid Kit.png
Basic First Aid Kit c.76 Common
Fabrics c.63 Uncommon
Skeleton Repair Kit.png
Skeleton Repair Kit c.4,341 Uncommon
Sleeping Bag.png
Sleeping Bag c.605 Common
Splint Kit.png
Splint Kit c.212 Common
Standard First Aid Kit.png
Standard First Aid Kit c.147 Common

Backpack Average Price Chance
Large Backpack.png
Large Backpack c.3,000 Uncommon
Medium Backpack.png
Medium Backpack c.1,500 Uncommon
Scavenger's Basket.png
Scavenger's Basket c.250 Common
Small Backpack.png
Small Backpack c.1,000 Uncommon
Trader's Wooden Backpack.png
Trader's Wooden Backpack c.800 Common

Footwear Grades Chance
Drifter's Boots.png
Drifter's Boots Common
Plated Longboots.png
Plated Longboots Common
Samurai Boots.png
Samurai Boots Common
Wooden Sandals.png
Wooden Sandals c.50 Common