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Bonedogs are canine-like creatures which roam the wastes in large packs. They are fairly hostile when other inhabitants of the world roam into their territory. These creatures, however wild by nature, have been domesticated by people as trusty companions and loyal guardians.

They are drawn to the scent of dead bodies, and devour them if they see any. Living humanoids are not part of their diet, though they will attempt to correct their living status if they spot them. Bonedog squad members will often run to nearby corpses for food and will sometimes "Play 'Limb'" where they run around with a severed limb until given a specific Move Order.

They are commonly kept as pets by some factions, like Rebel Farmers and Bounty Hunters.

If you have a bonedog companion, keep in mind it will not eat until it reaches approximately 220 hunger, rather than a humanoid companion's 250. While this may seem ideal, bonedogs also have 200% hunger rate. They eat Foul Raw Meat, Raw Meat and any Severed Limbs that are laying on the ground from recent combat.


Attributes Level
Melee Attack 20
Strength 20
Dexterity 20
Toughness 20
Stats randomize by 5
Teen (0.40x) 16 days
Adult (0.60x) 24 days
Elder (1.10x) 44 days

The Statistics here are taken from FCS. Players should be aware that animal characters level up as they grow, and may be stronger or weaker depending on their current age.
Death Items
Removing these items from the creature will kill it instantly.

Item Quantity Average Price
Animal Skin.png
Animal Skin 1 240
Animal Teeth.png
Animal Teeth 4 30
Raw Meat.png
Raw Meat 3 60

Health Statistics[]

Bonedogs have a blood colour of 128 0 0 RGB.

  • Hunger rate: 2
  • Vision Range mult: 1
  • Blood: 107-228
  • Bleed rate: 1
  • Heal rate: 1.5
  • Extra attack slots: 0


  • Speed: 8-21 mph
  • Combat Move Speed Mult: 0.7


Body Part Total Health Chance of Hitting
Head 70-180 150
Chest 70-180 150
Stomach 70-180 100
Right Arm 70-180 100
Left Arm 70-180 100
Right Leg 70-180 50
Left Leg 70-180 50



Spawn Groups[]

Other Locations[]


  • Bonedogs, as other non-pack domestic animals, have a backpack slot and used to be able to equip all normal backpacks. This was eventually removed, though the slot still remains.
  • The Guy with a Dog start used to begin with a Mountain Dog pup, a noticeably stronger animal, instead of a Bonedog pup.
  • The Desert Sabre does 25% additional damage to bonedogs.