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Primarily found in The Swamp, Blood Spiders hunt down and suck the nutrition of live prey. They deal approximately 70 damage per hit of equal amount blunt and cut.

They attack in groups and are more dangerous than, say, an average group of dust bandits. Blood Spiders are highly resistant to bleeding damage and recover consciousness quickly. They will try to eat an unconscious or dying character by draining their hunger.

There is also a rarer, and stronger, variant known as the Elder Blood Spider.


Attributes Level
Melee Attack 40
Strength 40
Dexterity 40
Toughness 40
Stats randomize by 3
Teen (0.40x) 0.4 days
Adult (0.60x) 0.6 days
Elder (1.10x) 1.1 days

The Statistics here are taken from FCS. Players should be aware that animal characters level up as they grow, and may be stronger or weaker depending on their current age.
Death Items
Removing these items from the creature will kill it instantly.

Item Quantity Average Price
Animal Teeth.png
Animal Teeth 2 30

Health Statistics[]

Blood Spiders have a blood colour of 128 0 0 RGB.

  • Hunger rate: 0.1
  • Vision Range mult: 1
  • Blood: 24-29
  • Bleed rate: 1
  • Heal rate: 1
  • Extra attack slots: 0


  • Speed: 7-14 mph
  • Combat Move Speed Mult: 2


Body Part Total Health Chance of Hitting
Head 15-31 100
Chest 15-31 100
Stomach 15-31 100
Right Arm 15-31 100
Left Arm 15-31 100
Right Leg 15-31 100
Left Leg 15-31 100



Standard Blood Spider swarms spawn in The Swamp, the South Wetlands, and the Burning Forest. In The Swamp, there is a 20/75 chance of spawning a swarm of Blood Spiders, assuming that nothing has happened to nearby faction leaders. In the South Wetlands, there is a 1/9 chance of spawning a swarm of Blood Spiders, assuming that nothing has happened to the boss of the Red Sabres.

The regions Shem and Venge may also spawn Blood Spiders in small groups. The chances of spawning these groups in Shem is 1/26 and in Venge is 2/63.

Spawn Groups[]

Standard Blood Spider swarms can contain from 1 to 10 spiders. These spiders will be roughly adult age.

Small groups of Blood Spiders can contain from 1 to 3 spiders.

Other Locations[]

Besides spawns, Blood Spiders can also be found is set locations around the map.

Blood Spiders can also spawn in Lost Library outposts. These swarms will be nested and will not roam the rest of the region. These swarms can contain from 6 to 15 spiders. These spiders will almost be fully grown.

There are two Ancient Labs that have nested Blood Spiders as well. The Swamped Lab can contain anywhere from 5 to 25 Blood Spiders. The Infested Lab can have from 5 to 20 spiders.

The Bugmaster can have from 6 to 10 pet Blood Spiders.

If Big Grim, Big Darkbrow and Big Gray are all dead, Rot will be destroyed and invaded by Blood Spiders.