Blister Hill, Flotsam Ninjas is a large town located towards the north of Okran's Pride controlled by Flotsam Ninjas. It belonged to The Holy Nation until Holy Lord Phoenix, High Inquisitor Seta and High Inquisitor Valtena were kidnapped or killed while Moll stayed alive and free.

Be aware that Flotsam Ninjas don't have any trade culture making Bloodrum still purchasable from barmans.

The city is also under a permanent blackout because Flotsam Ninjas took out all of the power supply when they took control of this city. Players must build their own windmills/generators in order to light up Blister Hill once again. Ironically this override is called "Prosperous" in the FCS.

Buildings and Shops[edit | edit source]

Buildings for sale[edit | edit source]

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