Blister Hill is a large town and the capital of the Holy Nation, located towards the north of Okran's Pride. It is home to the current Holy Lord Phoenix where he has a throne room and bodyguards known as Protectors of the Flame. Blister Hill has a variety of Shops, Bars, and Temples.

Blister Hill can be taken over by the Flotsam Ninjas once Holy Lord Phoenix LXII, High Inquisitor Seta and High Inquisitor Valtena have been killed as long as Moll is still alive, else the Holy Nation Outlaws will take over.

If Esata the Stone Golem and the three Holy Nation leaders are dead, the United Cities will take over.

Buildings and ShopsEdit

Buildings for Sale Edit

  • Bughouse (For Sale: c28,000)
  • Small Shack x2 (Collapsed) (For Sale: c1,500)
  • Small Shack x3 (For Sale: c4,000)