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Blister Hill is a large town and the capital of the Holy Nation, located towards the north of Okran's Pride. It is home to the current Holy Lord Phoenix where he has a throne room with an entourage that includes several High Paladins and a special bodyguard known as Protectors of the Flame.

Blister Hill has a large variety of buildings that include Shops, Bars, and Temples.

The Traders Guild pacifier can be found here.

It can be discovered by travelling near or by acquiring and reading the Glorious Holy Map.

Blister Hill is subject to change under world states, meaning that player owned buildings in town are vulnerable to be overwritten.

Buildings and Shops[]

Buildings for Sale[]

Town Overrides[]

Blister Hill as the capital of the Holy Nation can be affected by various world states.

Blister Hill Ruins[]

Blister Hill falls to ruins if Holy Lord Phoenix is killed or imprisoned.

Prosperous Blister Hill[]

Blister Hill can be taken over by the Flotsam Ninjas once Holy Lord Phoenix, High Inquisitor Seta and High Inquisitor Valtena have been killed as long as Moll is still alive, else the Holy Nation Outlaws will take over.

Outlaw Blister Hill[]

Blister Hill becomes inhabited by squatters (Holy Nation Outlaws) if Holy Lord Phoenix, Moll, Valtena, and Seta are all killed or imprisoned. If Moll was killed or kidnapped after Blister Hill got taken over by Flotsam Ninjas this town override will not take place.

Empire Blister Hill[]

If Esata the Stone Golem and the three Holy Nation leaders are dead, the United Cities will take over. Due to the fact how priorities are set up, the player can never achieve this override because they'll either get 'Prosperous' or 'Outlaw' versions of Blister Hill Town Override.


The towns name "Blister Hill" is likely to be a reference to the hill behind them that is Rebirth, where slaves work to the point of having blisters. Or the rocky mountainous biome that can cause blisters if walking for too long.