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Time flows slowly when you live in a bubble of lost time.

–- Skeleton

Black Desert City is a Town run by Skeletons in the middle of the Deadlands region. As there are no human residents, the town lacks a food supply as is noted by the town’s bartender, however edible food can be found in containers within the other buildings. There are regular beds and skeleton repair beds on the second floor of the bar. This town was created after the fall of the Second Empire (spoilers!). Sadneil can be recruited in this location.

Fighting with the locals is not advised. Like guards/police of other cities, you will be carried outside after being knocked unconscious. Due to the region's Acid Rain, this can be dangerous for any characters which are not Hivers or Skeletons.

Just outside the city, there is a bridge which connects to the hill where the Scraphouse is located.

Buildings and Shops[]

Buildings for Sale[]

  • Metal Wallhouse ( c.16,000)