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I tell ya hounds, Big Gray, he's gettin' outta hand...


Big Gray is the leader of one of the criminal gangs of the Swamp, Grayflayers. He can be found in Grayflayer Village.

He has the Diplomatic Status tag and will critically decrease relations with the Grayflayers if you attack him.

They wear [Standard] armour (5% chance of [High]) and have weapons manufactured by Unknown.


Attributes Level
Strength 28
Toughness 28
Dexterity 28
Perception 1

Combat Skills Level
Melee Attack, Melee Defence 28
Dodge, Martial Arts 28÷10

Weapon Skills Level
Blunt, Hackers, Heavy, Katanas, Polearms, Sabres 28

Ranged Skills Level
Turrets 28
Crossbows 1
Precision Shooting 28

Thievery Skills Level
Stealth, Lockpicking, Thievery 1
Assassination 28÷2

Athletic Skills Level
Athletics, Swimming 28

Science Skills Level
Field Medic 28
Engineer, Robotics, Science 1

Trade Skills Level
Weapon Smith, Armour Smith, Labouring, Farming, Cooking 1

Stats randomize by 5
The Statistics here are taken from FCS. Skills will be multiplied by the racial multiplier. Players should also be aware that non-player characters also level up while fighting.

World States[]

If Big Gray is killed or kidnapped, it will cause the Grayflayer Village to be taken over by the Swampers. If Big Grim, Big Darkbrow and Big Gray is dead, Rot will be taken over by spiders.