Kenshi Wiki
Type: Interior
Materials cost:
Building Materials 1
Fabrics 4
Estimated build time: 1 hrs

Essential place to rest and recover faster from wounds. 800% heal rate when sleeping.

Beds are used for restoring the health of characters. Beds are used to heal a player's wounds after they have been bandaged. Beds can be found in towns or constructed in player buildings.

Key Points

  • Only one person can sleep in a bed at a time.
  • Beds heal blunt wounds and bandaged portions of cut wounds up to 100%.
  • If you are carrying an injured person or NPC, you can lay them in a bed to stop wounds.
  • Placing incapacitated NPCs in a bed results in a status gain with their faction.
  • A bed heals at 8x the normal healing rate, twice as much as a Camp Bed.
  • Sleeping reduces hunger rate to 1/3.
  • Beds can be rented in friendly towns or outposts from as little as 75 cats. Beds are rented for 24 hours so a healed character can always leave the bed to give place to their wounded comrade as long as the clock has not run out.